Matahaniya ang Lars Finsen <[log in to unmask]>:

> Later, they carried it one step further and invented the
> noun "gylle" for the stinky stuff they were spreading,

German _Gülle_ [log in to unmask] 'Golden' is unsurprisingly _golden_, 
though _gülden_ exists, too, but that is dated.


NB: Not completely relevant to this question, but I looked 
it up nevertheless:

Kluge (2005) says _Gülle_ meant just "puddle" in MHG, 
cognate to Sw. _göl_; it shifted to its current meaning only 
way later. _Gold_ on the other hand is from PGerm. *gulþa- < 
PIE *ġʰḷto- (also the source of _gelb_ and _grün_). Cognates 
to that are Dutch _goud_, Engl. _gold_, Sw. _guld_, Isl. 
_gull_, and considering ablaut also ChSlv. _zlato_, Latv. 

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