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I wouldn't expect brand names to help much.  There are already a
number of Asian brands common in the U.S. but virtually nobody knows
that Matsushita means "National",

It doesn't. It means "under the pine tree". National is just a brand name (along with Panasonic) that Matsushita uses.

or that Mitsubishi means (ISTR)
"Three Blade" even with the help of the logo.  

Maybe "three diamonds"? I don't know exactly what you call a "bishi", but it's like a baseball game diamond shape. Like a squished square.

Hitachi?  Denso?

Hitachi means something like rising sun, though I'm not sure. It's an old name of a province. And I can't remember what Denso is, but I assume the den is "electricity" like in "dian" in Mandarin.

Samsung is also very well known here (I'm staring at a pair of 19"
Samsung monitors right now) but again, I don't know what the word
means.  Though writing this had made me curious enough to look it up

I'm almost certain that "sam" is "three". I think "sung" is "star", but I'm not sure about that one. I used to ask my sister what Sam did at the opera.

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