Is the character distinct from these Unicode characters:

and any of the similar characters referenced on those pages? Or could it
be considered a variant of one or another?


On Tue, 13 May 2008, John W Kennedy wrote:

> Closely examining "André: a Tragedy in Five Acts", by William Dunlap (New
> York, T. & J. Swords, 1798), I see that the symbol is neither a superscripted
> c, for it has the basic comma shape, nor a left single quote, for, while it
> closely resembles one, it is closer to the baseline, so that it dips below x
> height, which a single quote does not do, and its top is well below ascender
> height, which a single quote meets.
> In short, I believe an application to the Unicode Consortium is in order; at
> present, this character is neither accepted nor in the pipeline. I would
> volunteer to shepherd it myself, but I am completely without credentials and
> so ignorant that I cannot even provide appropriate termini a quo & ad quem.

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