I'm writing from the Founding Families Digitization Project at the
Massachusetts Historical Society, where we've spent close to three years
now encoding 45 legacy volumes of Adams Papers and Winthrop Papers with
TEI.  (Just by way of intro.)  In that content, we have a fair number of
letters written over many days, and we're happy so far with the extra
div wrapper, which of course then allows the <dateline> at the opening
of the new div.  As long as the div has a distinct type (we use
"docbody", which is embedded in the div for the "doc" with its metadata
as well as all historical text), you should be able to control how they
display in the series, yes?

Ondine Le Blanc
Sr. Associate Editor, Massachusetts Historical Society 

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Dear all,

I'm  wondering how to encode letters which have been written over a
couple of days or even a longer period.

<dateline> is member of divWrapper, hence it is not allowed among
several parts of the letter. I do not really want to encapsulate the
letter parts in different <div>s because its just one (but long) letter 
in a collection of half fictitious letters. Mark up the new date only in
another <p> also seems not to be the appropriate solution.

Has somebody any idea?

Many thanks,

Christiane Fritze
Deutsches Textarchiv
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