Hi all,

I have a mentioned term in a document in "Neo-Brittonic" which is I
believe a neologism for (reconstructed) Brythonic, the ancestor language
of Welsh, Cornish, and Breton. There does not appear to be a current
language code for Brittonic or Brythonic. And Linguisti List doesn't
seem to have one either.

What is best practice in such cases if you are trying to identify
languages on the xml:lang attribute? My understanding is that I should
create a private use value for xml:lang (perhaps x-br, since I can't
find anything) and then document this in

Is this right? The relevant sections of the guidelines are §2.4.2
( and §
vi.i (
The language codes at at

I've checked the archive, and while there is some discussion of the
language codes, I didn't see anything definitive that applies to the
current standards.

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