Dear ODD aficionados,

Text & Markup:
For one project we mark up names of <persName xml:id="p1">person</persName>s and places and time. Below the text proper we create link groups that record where a person was at a certain time in a certain place.
        <link targets="#person #p1"/>
        <link targets="#place #Z10001980"/>
        <link targets="#time #d383873384226"/>
    In DTD times the ID-IDREF(S) mechanism allowed us to verify if there was indeed a ID for each IDREF. Now the datatype of TARGETS is set to data.pointer which in turn is "anyURI" (that is also why all targets start with a "#" I guess).  How can I verify the URI is there? Is this possible at all?
    What do I have to write in my ODD to get a schema that checks if the URIs referenced in TARGETS do indeed appear in the text above?
    Thanks for helping

Dr. Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉
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