Hi All,

I've had the same problems using the oXygen feature for TEI P5 to PDF
transformation. I'm attaching my full TEI P5 file. Dr. Becke's errors
are similar to the errors I got. 

Thanks for any guidance.

Best regards,

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> Subject: Re: tei-pdf-stylesheet-template built-in in oxygen
> Dr. Claus-Peter Becke wrote:
> > here is an example of code; the original pagination of the
> > shall be displayed.
> >>  <text>
> >>           <front>
> >>             <head>Intravit Iesus in templum et coepit eicere
> >> vendentes et ementes. Mathaei</head>
> >>           </front>
> >>           <body>
> Is that literally your file, starting with <text>? if so, I would not
> expect it to work.
> For a sample to reproduce the error, I need a valid TEI document....
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