Myself, I have been able to I suspect to understand people
speaking Russian, I do have some minor exposure to it, but just
going on

Body Position
Tone of Voice
and I suspect more (humans do smell pheromones, we just ignore
them or do not realize it, or worse we deny they exist as well,
pheromones/hormones and other smells).

And get an idea of what the conversation is about, based on
sometimes words I think I know..


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Den 1. mai. 2008 kl. 15.15 skreiv Campbell Nilsen:
> Call me a bit odd, but it seems to me that sign language might
be a
> good candidate for Proto-World. If you come up with a
> your friends are going to have an easier time learning
> gestures than arbitrary combinations of phonemes.

You're not odd. This has been proposed before. Before we started
using signals that needed learning instead of intuitive signals
are understandable to everybody - and the first steps in this
direction were probably taken millions of years ago - our
communication was a mixture of different signals, but mainly
facial expressions and gestures. Inventing new gestures in
to the intuitive ones isn't a bigger leap than inventing new
calls in
addition to the intuitive ones, I think, and possibly smaller.
we started walking on our hind legs, our hands were free to use
many things, like tools etc., and why not gestures?