The test also discriminates against blind people, paraplegics the elderly, 
etc etc.  What a bunch of prejudiced bigots those fire fighters are.   : J

The position requires a certain degree of physical ability. It is a 
practical consideration, the complaints are of no merit, and those making 
them really should stop and think for five minutes!


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> Well, that's why you have to pass a physical test to get the job.  The
> complaint is that such a test is sexist since the requirements are
> much further from the average woman's capability's than the average
> man's.
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>> Hi!
>> caeruleancentaur writes:
>> >...
>> > I know what to think.  I believe in equal opportunity employment as
>> > long as the applicant can do the work.  But I don't want a woman
>> > climbing up a ladder to rescue me from a burning building who can't
>> > carry my 250 lb. back down the ladder over her shoulder.
>> If I were to carry you, you'd be out of luck although I'm not a
>> woman. :-)
>> Luckily I'm not a fireperson. :-)
>> **Henrik
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