The part here in the copyright says that if I keep it within Project
Aon that it won't be a problem:

An exception to the restrictions on redistribution in this section is
made in that you may send the Internet Editions or derivative works
thereof to the Distribution Point by the consent of the Maintainer.

Distribution Point refers to them in this case, so once I'm done the
translation I'll send it to them (I've already told them about it on
the forums) and hopefully get it put up there. There's a law against
distribution in other cases which is there to prevent people from
being charged for the work.

Sommerswerd should be pretty easy, Espado di Somero. I'm not sure if I
want to Idify all the terms though, not until I've seen them all and
have decided whether it would be worth it. I don't think I'd like to
see Rio Grande written as Big River either. But maybe.

2008/5/25 Olivier Simon <[log in to unmask]>:
> Sellamat Dave!
> Do you remember I once told that my favorite translations for sambahsa were
> gamebooks (though I do it in a different way; I take the sections at random
> and rewrite as if it were a roman, in the past tense and at the 3° person of
> singular). Lone Wolf has been already translated in many natlangs.
> It is "Monwolf" in sambahsa, and "Kaļ", for "kay" means "in order to" in
> sambahsa, turns to "Kawi", which means "look-out, surveyor".
> Joe Dever gave permission to publish the books on the projectaon website,
> but are you sure he accepts other publications or translations?
> About your translation, I think you should find an Ido word for "Sommerswerd"
> (in French "Glaive de Sommer", in Sambahsa "Sommerkhayr").
> I wish to you good luck in your work!
> The sixth lesson has been published on the Sambahsa Primer in English on my
> blog!
> Maghe i Divs Ishir ed Kawi protege Dave hol unte eis traduction os Fug ud id
> Teni!
> Olivier
> On Tue, 20 May 2008 02:49:18 +0900, MacLeod Dave
> <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>Well, looks like no one's going to guess what I'm doing on the blog so
>>I'll just tell everyone. I'm translating a Lone Wolf gamebook called
>>Flight From the Dark, available here:
>>Here's what I've done so far:
>>I came up with the idea when I noticed that a few of the books had
>>been translated into Spanish. The creator of the series was kind
>>enough to give permission to have the work uploaded and translated,
>>and since I love gamebooks and they're easy to translate that's what I
>>decided to do.
>>The problem with gamebooks is that you're always going willy nilly
>>around the book so it won't be playable until the whole thing's done.
>>It should take at least a few months to finish. Ido would have been
>>twice as fun to learn in 2005 if there had been a gamebook available