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I don't know if "peace-bird" would be a good idea.  Ever seen Mars
Attacks?  Okay, it's science fiction, but the idea of a dove being a
symbol of peace is still culturally based.  

I'm not sure how well known it is that way. Aren't doves sometimes used in Olympic ceremonies? That would seem to imply that people are at least aware of it. Just like the Greek flame. People don't necessarily know the deep meaning, but at least they are aware it is a sacred symbol.

How about just calquing
the scientific names into NP?

I hope you're joking. Scientific names could be taken as is, but I can't imagine calquing them. Aren't most named after people or places? The name of the genus for doves is columba, and apparently this comes from the Greek word for "diver". So "diving bird" could be used, but I doubt that's as well known as "peace bird". To me culturally, "diving bird" would refer to a peregrine falcon.

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