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> > > I don't know if "peace-bird" would be a
> > good idea.  Ever seen Mars
> > > Attacks?  Okay, it's science fiction, but the idea
> > of a dove being a
> > > symbol of peace is still culturally based.
> >
> > I'm not sure how well known it is that way. Aren't
> > doves sometimes used in
> > Olympic ceremonies? That would seem to imply that people
> > are at least aware
> > of it. Just like the Greek flame. People don't
> > necessarily know the deep
> > meaning, but at least they are aware it is a sacred symbol.
> >
> As I understand it, the dove (usually with an olive branch) as a
> symbol of peace derives from Gen. 8:11, where Noah has released
> a dove and it returns with an olive twig, showing that the waters
> of the Flood are gone. However, it's so common in Western art and
> general symbology that it may be understood in Asia and Africa; I
> don't know.
> Steve

There is "heping ge" (dove of peace) in my Mandarin dictionary.
But I think it's better to have a word for "pigeon". In the first
place, you can't invent generally understood compounds like "bird of
peace" for all species. In the second place, for some reason it seems
to me that it is only white dove that is a symbol of peace. In the
third place (not too seriously) a pigeon may not be *always* looked
upon as a symbol of peace, sometimes it's just pigeon. If we adopt
"bird of peace", then we'll get phrases like "he was a very nice
person and liked to shoot birds of peace", "a bird of peace brought a
message about war", "the city government proclaimed a war on birds of
peace" etc.


Yes, in mandarin Έλ (ge) mean a dove or pigeon like bird. It is only a shape. The front word normally to describe the (ge) such a wild-ge=dove, stock-ge=pigeon, then peace-ge, white-ge, lou-ge etc. You may put any idea that you want in front of the ge.

Cheng-Zhong Su