Congratulations on a good start. I love to see websites like this! Keep us posted on updates.

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Subject: Uriania pages.

Hi, guys,
I have decided to put the Uriania pages on my domain Ortygia. So far  
I have only a front page up. I sure do need some amount of advice  
regarding this, so I will post the link right now and ask what you  

It isn't rock'n roll, but it's a beginning.
BTW, the lighthouse is only a placeholder, to balance the header  
until I've gotten around to make proper illustrations for the page.  
Blue, white and green are the Urianian flag colours.

As you can see it's rather an ambitious project, but that's okay, it  
means I have something to keep me happily occupied for years to come.  
Probably I'll never finish it in my lifetime. But what's the need? A  
finished project is a dead project.

BTW, no English diachronic experts around here?