Den 27. jun. 2008 kl. 02.39 skreiv Rick Harrison:
> If you have a personal language that you've never revealed to
> anyone else, for example: would you want to write a description of
> the language ahead of time, and make arrangements to have it
> published after passing away? How would you make such arrangements?

I was reminded of my mortality too, not long after I turned 50, three  
years ago. That's when I decided to stop keeping my conlanging and  
conworlding all to myself, in fact.

On my Uriania pages, which are slowly growing ( 
uriania/uriania-eng.htm), I am thinking of offering citizenship to  
anyone who proves able to communicate in one or more of my languages,  
possibly some other benefit as well. T-shirts, perhaps.

Good luck with your amoebas. Charming little blobs those critters, I  
think, as long as they don't attack you. But I heard hopes of  
recovery are good with early detection.

Edgard Bikelis wrote:

> And still about death, my grandmother died not long ago... and I  
> became slightly calm only after reading this article:

Hm, looks interesting. Must read that some time.

I feel somewhat comforted by the thoughts of my ancestors, who buried  
their dead on the farmground, thinking that their substance and  
continued presence would bring luck, protection, and sometimes even  
could bring advice in dreams. After all, what happens after death is  
more important to those who survive than to the deceased.