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> If you have web pages that you want to stay online after
> you can no longer pay the hosting bill, what options are
> available? The Wayback Machine at doesn't
> catch everything and it might not be around forever.

Well, I am only *21* and I have given this a small thought 
... I guess indeed the safest bet would be:

> The conlangers of ancient times published their ideas in
> books

I'm not intending to get published, but once your language 
is in a stable state and you've written a comprehensive 
grammar and dictionary, why not print that out and have it 
bound as a hardcover book? Gilding and manual thread 
stitching aren't obligatory, but however a hardcover binding 
looks more professional than just a print-out that's held 
together with a paper clip or a ring folder ... On the other 
hand, books are thrown away pretty quickly, and why keep 
grand-dad's weird languagey stuff anyway? :-\ Maybe better 
do invest some money and go for a professionally produced 
book with gilded edges and leather binding? When the 
print-run is just one copy it should be compartively 
expensive ... but at least it's something nice to have when 
you or a close family-member is a bibliophile. That should 
decrease the probability of throwing it away just like that.

> Is it arrogant to want some of your ideas to live on
> after you die?

No, I think everyone strives for self-realization 
("Selbstverwirklichung" ... that should be a loan in English 
:-P) in some way or another, so it is natural to wish for 
something that survives one's self. I guess that's also why 
heirlooms exist.

My 2 ct.


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