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Garcia Rodrigues

> > What do you say for the plural?

> We say "uns" /~us/, which is the plural for "um" /~u/.

So there's a plural of 1?  Obviously "one" can't be plural when
indicating quantity.  That's the numeral, as opposed to the
article.  Sometimes you may want an article and quantity

	the cat(s)
		A specific cat or group of cats.

	a/some cat(s)
		A non-specified cat or group of cats.

	no cats
		To show a complete absence of cats.

	one cat
		There is only one cat, as opposed to some other

	the one cat
		One specific cat of multiple possibilities.

	(any) two cats (or another positive numeral) 
		There is more than one cat, but we're not
referring to specific ones.

	the two cats
		Two specific cats.