> Oh.  And you can't ride on the sidewalk across the bridge.  You have to walk your bike the nearly 0.5 mile across.

Officially, RIDOT was required to post the signs instructing cyclists to 
walk.  According to Federal regulations, the sidewalk railings are not 
high enough to allow cycling.  It was the same way on the Washington 
Bridge, but nobody ever adhered to it, including police on bikes.  RIDOT 
is fully aware that people will be riding over the sidewalk and I highly 
doubt that there will be any enforcement.

> For some reason I guess that riding on the bridge is different than sharing a road with cars?  

I think it's the fact that cars are cruising along at 50+ mph!  One 
thing that could have made this situation much better would have been 
better enforcement.  Crack down on speeding cars!  It's ridiculous that 
police have just thrown their arms up in the air and completely ignore 
the fact that people use the Henderson like a highway.  It's marked at 
35 mph!


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