How much are you talking about carrying at any one time and how far do 
you have to go?  There are a number of options I can think of off the 
top of my head:

- backpack/messenger bag: both of these are carried on the person, so 
over a longer distance they can be combersome.  I personally prefer a 
messenger bag, because when I go with this option I'm running errands 
and it's easier to get stuff in and out of.  They tend to stay cleaner 
than other options and I believe are a little gentler on the goods, the 
bike and your body absorb some of the shock before it gets to the bag.

- basket: can be used in combination with a backup/messenger bag.  It 
gets the weight off the person and onto the bike.  One of the nice 
features is that you can easily grab the bag and go when you reach your 
destination, leaving very little of interest on the bike for thieves.

- panniers: another good option for getting the weight onto the bike. 
They tend to provide a lower center of mass than a basket, which should 
make bike handling a bit better.  Panniers are mounted low on the bike, 
so they will get really dirty on the outside.  Mine are a pain to take 
on and off and dirty to carry, so I don't use them if I have errands to 
run.  You will need a rack on your bike to use panniers and not all 
bikes have rack mounting eyelets.

Hope this helps some!


Thorp, Timothy wrote:
> This note reminds me of a question that's been on my mind.
> With all of the nice gardeners bringing their cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
> into the office to share, I've been needing something to hold them. This
> seems like overkill for a few veg, and maybe a few office gadgets, but
> what would you folks recommend? saddlebags? handle-bar bags?
> If anyone wants to sell me something second hand, you know I'm game.

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