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>I agree about Occidental and Interlingua. I was just writing a post on
>the subject and it occurred to me that the people on the Latin
>Wikipedia might be able to revive it as they hammer out term after
>term as they write about modern concepts. Gravum Metallum is the word
>they've come up with for Heavy Metal, for example. How much work do
>they have left before they are able to make Latin into a modern
>working language again I wonder?

Sellamat kyar Dave!

Thanks for publishing the translations on your blog! Latin was the first foreign 
language I learnt, I was 9 or 10 years old and did it on my own! The small 
article on sambahsa-mundialect on the latin vicipaedia was written by myself. 
Don't forget it is "grave metallum" (not gravum!, but you put the right ending 
on your blog). Many notions of the modern world can be translated into Latin, 
but it leads to a lot of double meanings, making often a text written in Latin 
esoteric (though it was not necessarily intended...). This problem is more 
acute with C.Quiles' Modern Indo-European where they have to find back the 
whole etymology of the word before coining a MIE equivalent. 
So, I agree with you and Kjell that Occidental would be a better solution for 
the EU, even if Latin has kept a lot of prestige. Occidental is restricted in 
vocabulary to romance (and a little Germanic). But, if they want something 
more neutral and international, they have sambahsa!
If you want to develop your knowledge of Occidental and if you can read 
German, you can use the Kursus with which I learnt this auxlang at:
As I am now on holidays, I am enriching the vocabulary of sambahsa...

Opto ut vobis cunctis bonus sit dominicus dies!