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> The kinds of verbs have been discussed on this list before, but there wasn't an
> organized consensus resulting from that discussion, as far as I know.  And as
> far as I know the same is true of linguistic literature in general.

I've been working on yet another system of classification for
gzb verbs, based on the kinds of arguments they must/can take.
It's like this system you mentioned,

> Another seeks to characterize clauses by the kinds of participants in their
> cores;
> S
> A U
> S E
> A U E

plus the other system you mention based on whether a verb can/must
take a complement clause; but since gzb distinguishes between
topics, experiencers, agents, patients, objects-of-attention,
physical and nonphysical objects-of-result, and so forth,
and also between subject and object complement clauses
(different conjunctions are used to introduce them)
the system has far more categories than your four above.

> Would it be possible to gather together the verb-classification systems that
> have been proposed or discussed on the CONLANG-L list, at least since it
> began its current format, into something coherent and organized?

Why not on the Conlang Wikia, along with the "List of derivation methods"
and "List of self-segregating morphology methods"?

Or maybe on one of the other wikis that has a higher number of
participants who would notice and maybe help out...

Jim Henry
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