>"David J. Peterson" <dedalvs@...> wrote:

>...semantic categorization can be a *lot* of fun for artlangs--
>especially when it comes to noun classes.

When this discussion first started I didn't think that it pertained 
to me, but then, I was thinking of Roget's Thesaurus.

Senjecan nouns do fall into classes, though.  The Senjecan culture 
considers six to be a mystic number and there are many sextets/hexads 
in the culture.

One of them is the noun classes, of which there is one for each 
vowel.  The -as class contains abstract nouns; the -es, animate 
beings; the -is, plant life; the -os, concrete nouns; the -Ýs (/Q/), 
aberrant beings (e.g., centaurs); and the -us, loquent beings.

BTB, I am a faithful monogamist, but that has more to do with the 
conculture than the conlang.  Not long after beginning the conlang I 
discovered that I was much more interested in the conculture.  The 
conlang became one of several vehicle for developing the conculture.