On Fri, 2008-07-11, Mark J. Reed wrote:

> However you replied to this broke the thread, fyi.  Showed up as a new
> conversation...

Sorry about that … though I'm not sure what you mean. I get a daily
digest and there was nothing odd about it. So what did I do wrong?

> But I thought creaky/breathy developed from pitch tones, rather than
> the reverse?

How would a difference in voicing develop directly into a pitch
difference? On the other hand, it could easily change into a register
difference. In English, the difference between /ta-/ and /da-/ is
largely down to aspiration. Spread the initial voicelessness over the
whole vowel, and you'd get a breathy or voiceless vowel. In Javanese,
the voiceless stops are slightly glottalised (stiff). If that spread,
you'd get creaky vowels after them. Which incidentally shows how the
same syllable in a protolanguage could give different tones in its

Dirk Elzinga wrote

> bWFpbC5jb20+IHdyb3RlOgoKPiBIb3dldmVyIHlvdSByZXBsaWVkIHRvIHRoaXMgYnJva2UgdGhl

At least, that's what I've received! Is anyone else having this problem?