Neven Jovanovic wrote:
> Now, I know how to control everything enclosed in square brackets in
> the example above (Department, Institution, Author). But I do not know
> how to configure "Search", "Feedback", and "Date:".

the rendering of those words is determined by the value
of the variable "documentationLanguage"; unfortunately,
I don't have translations to Croatian! Would you be able to supply them?
In the short term, edit the file .../stylesheet/i18n.xml and
add the entries you need for language "hr", and then set
"documentationLanguage" to "hr".

However, its a bad idea to edit the XSL files supplied with oXygen.
Better to make your own XSL stylesheet which imports the existing
ones and then does the changes it needs.

If anyone of this does not make sense, feel free to ask more!

Sebastian Rahtz
Information Manager, Oxford University Computing Services
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