Hello, all --

This summer I have two students working on P5 historical event markup as
part of my research into historical markup at the Heml Project. I've
really enjoyed the documentation of P5, and the students have found it an
excellent means of jumping in with both feet.

We've come across a bit of a head-scratcher, though, and I wonder if
someone could point us in the proper direction. In the
documentation at
reference is made to "a freestanding <event> independent of either <person>
element". However, as I read through the rng file at, I
find that the use of <event> seems pretty circumscribed. Unless I'm
missing something, event only may appear in model.persEventLike and
model.placeEventLike (and itself), and these last two in turn only appear
in <person> (via model.personPart) and <place>.

So I can't find freestanding 'event' element, as listed in the
documentation. In case that schema was out of date, I built a fresh one
today from Roma, and grepping it led me to the same conclusion.


Bruce Robertson
Dept. of Classics, Mount Allison University