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> So I can't find freestanding 'event' element, as listed in the
> documentation. In case that schema was out of date, I built a fresh one
> today from Roma, and grepping it led me to the same conclusion.

Coincidentally Dot Porter recently submitted a TEI Feature Request on the sourceforge site. See  So I'm sure that this ticket will benefit from any discussion of it here.

I think the original intention was that events tend to only happen in places (Battle of Waterloo), or to people (Marriage).  However, I think it entirely possible and reasonable to want to mark up a list of events by themselves.  Just as one might have a gazetteer of places, which is a use-case for the standalone listPlace element, a gazetteer or calendar of historical events seems equally reasonable on first glance to me.

I'll be interested to hear alternative views about why we shouldn't have such an element though.