How feasible and/or practical do you think "crowd sourcing" TEI files  
would be?

I like writing in my books. In fact, I even have a particular system  
for doing it. Circled things are the subjects of sentences. Squared  
things are proper nouns. Underlined things connected to the circled  
and squared things are definitions. Moreover, my books are filled  
with marginalia. Comments. Questions. See alsos. I call this process  
ELMTGML (Eric Lease Morgan's Truly Graphic Mark-up Language), and I  
find it a whole lot more useful than the use of simple highlighter  
pen that where all the mark-up has the same value. Florescent yellow.

I think I could easily "crosswalk" my mark-up process to TEI mark-up  
because there are TEI elements for many of things I highlight. Given  
such a thing I could mark-up texts using my favorite editor and then  
create stylesheets that turn on or turn off my commentary.

Suppose many classic texts were marked-up in TEI. Suppose there were  
stylesheets that allowed you to turn on or turn off other people's  
commentary/annotations or allowed you to turn on or turn off  
particular people's commentary/annotation. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Moreover, what if some sort of tool, widget, or system were created  
that allowed anybody to add commentary to texts in the form of TEI  
mark-up. Do you think this would be feasible? Useful?

Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame