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On Sunday 17 August 2008 15:44:38 Birnbaum, David J wrote:
> I would be grateful if those who have developed or taught a
> course of this type would be willing to share syllabi and any
> advice they may have.
It was much more modest in its aims, but I did take over teaching 
our former Professor's three-session course on HTML for first year 
music undergraduates. I tried to convey some of my prejudices for 
semantic document encoding and building networks of knowledge 
through good linking practice.

In reality I found it difficult to convince students that 
concentrating on only the presentational style of their documents 
was to miss the point of encoding information digitally. It's like 
students in IT lessons at school who diligently fill in all the 
figures in a column on a spreadsheet and then calculate and fill 
in - by hand - the total at the bottom!

The slides are still available:

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