Hi, David--

Thanks for posting this question--it's been nice to see the responses.

I teach three courses on humanities computing.  All of them are split
grad/undergrad courses in the English Department, so they are designed
for English majors.  The first, a prerequisite for the other two, is
mostly an introduction to XML/TEI and a survey of important
theoretical writings on digital texts and editing.  We also cover some
basic XSLT stuff, plus CSS and HTML.  The students complete several
small assignments over the semester.  They must submit a final project
consisting of a digital text walked through the whole process
(tagging, schema, XSLT, web display) plus a paper in which they
reflect on the process and respond to some of the readings in the

After lots of departmental evangelizing the intro class now fills to
capacity (15).  I'd be happy to send you a syllabus if you're
interested but our department server is getting overhauled at the
moment so the online version isn't available.


Amanda Gailey
Assistant Professor of English
University of Georgia
254 Park Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6205