I asked this on the oXygen forum, and got redirected here.

I am new both to oXygen and XSLT. I use oXygen ver. 9.3 for validating
and transforming TEI P5 XML documents.

So far, the HTML transformation works OK. But there are some
parameters which I do not know how to change.

The default stylesheets for TEI P5 put something like this at the
bottom of each HTML page:

[Odsjek za klasičnu filologiju], [Filozofski fakultet] | [CAuLa] |
Search | Feedback
[Juraj Divnić (Georgius Diphnicus Dalmata, 1450? -- 8. VIII. 1530)]. Date:
Ova je stranica slobodno dostupna.

Now, I know how to control everything enclosed in square brackets in
the example above (Department, Institution, Author). But I do not know
how to configure "Search", "Feedback", and "Date:".

The "Ova je stranica slobodno dostupna" statement is what I have put
by hand in the file
like this:

<xd:doc class="i18n">
    <xd:short>[html] Make a copyright claim</xd:short>
    <xd:detail> </xd:detail>
  <xsl:template name="copyrightStatement">Ova je stranica slobodno

Could this be changed in oXygen --- in their Transformation/Configure
Transformation Scenario dialog (via the Edit/Parameters/Add buttons),
adding the copyrightStatement or something like it --- or do I have to
change the expression in the tei-param.xsl? Or, perhaps, both? Does it
involve telling the tei-param.xsl how to use data from i18n.xml?

I guess I will be able to find the answer by myself when I learn
enough XSLT, but until then, please, excuse my impatience.


Neven Jovanovic
Zagreb, Hrvatska / Croatia