Dear TEI-L,


I am organizing a small image-based project, involving the digital publication of a Russian festal icon with commentary. The icon contains 27 small images of church events (Annunciation, Nativity, etc.), arranged on the board much like a comic strip (an example of this type of icon is available at I would like the electronic edition to include photographs of the icon as a whole and of each of the small images, with textual information attached at both levels.


I don’t have much experience with descriptive metadata for image files, or, for that matter, with image resources in general, and I’d be grateful for any information anyone might provide about 1) image formats (I envision something high quality for archival purposes and lower-resolution for web delivery--but I don’t know what resolutions, color depths, file formats, etc. are consistent with what professionals regard as best practice) and 2) descriptive metadata (whether art historical, photographic, or other--again, in a way that is consistent with professional best practice). I’d also welcome pointers to similar projects others might have developed, exposure to which might broaden my understanding of what’s possible and what’s desirable.


The TEI guidelines don’t seem to deal with this type of project explicitly, which is reasonable, since it is not fundamentally a “text encoding” activity. Nonetheless, I suspect that many readers of TEI-L have dealt with these issues, and I’d be grateful for any advice or suggestions. I have poked around on the web in search of metadata standards for images, but those resources don’t give me a good sense of what people are doing in actual projects.





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