Franz scrit:

>The internethas taken so much that is good out of our lives and crippled us in so manyways. Sigh!)

I disagree with such a negative assessment of the internet.  Most of the problems existed before the internet and the net has actually helped to alleviate some of them.  If I'm looking for a particular book I can't find it in my local bookstores, what did I do before the internet?  Now I can go online and find a copy, new or secondhand.  The problem is that governments are not handling the impact of the internet in the right way.  To take your example of post offices: in the UK our government relieved them of many of their social functions, which is also how they got their income.  Now they say that post offices are unprofitable so they have to close all the small ones (and in town centres they're closing them and stuffing them into corners of high street stores!).  They then justify closing all our post offices by saying that people are doing more and more on the internet.  Instead they could have built on the social functions of the post offices and
 kept some of them open.  Is this a result of the internet?  No, it is the result of government incompetence! and perhaps even a little malice.

You can still write a letter, put it in an envelope and post it, but most of us are increasingly lazy.  This tendency existed long before the internet.  You can't blame the internet for human nature.

If you look more closely I think you'll find that what is "crippling" us and causing all the problems is the New World Order system, false-flag terror attacks, a bogus war on terror and bad government.  If any technology is responsible for this it is television, not the internet.  The internet is helping people to break out of their prison.