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> > I think there is something to that.  There is a desire
> > among proponents of an IAL (not just Espists) to "get
> > along" with people in other countries.  You would think
> > this would be the case generally among the public, but alas
> > that doesn't seem to be the case.
> Apathy is the primary problem, along with simple bigotry.

The human condition is what it is.  I don't ever expect to
change that, but I do see interlanguages as a way of removing
one of the barriers that divide peoples.  Buy knowing how humans
are, I expect they can throw up a new one for every one that's
torn down.

> > I think this is a shame.  Most people seem to follow a
> > program which they don't realise is optional, from their
> > twenties through their retirement age.  We're so career
> > driven these days that we don't have time for hobbies,
> > let alone other people.  Career, wife, two kids, car and
> > mortgage, for 40 years.  That's life for most Anglos
> > nowadays.  No time to think.
> There's also the idea that if people know you're doing 
> something "eccentric," it will hurt your career. As a writer, 
> eccentricity doesn't hurt me a bit, so while I don't parade 
> my interests, neither do I try to hide them. (I'm also 
> perverse enough to enjoy their consternation when I'm not 
> embarrassed.)

I'm at the same level as you then.  Obviously by being active on
a list like this, I'm not hiding my conlang interests, but at
the same time I don't feel any need to go around broadcasting it
to everyone either.  Likewise, I'm not discussing my other
hobbies here either, even though they are more mainstream.

> > ..
> > 
> > I think this pretty much says it all about Esp though.  If
> > only it sounded like Spanish _without_ the sharp sticks. 
> > Its Slavic roots become clear.
> They aren't clear to me, for the most part. The actual Slavic 
> elements, such as "ekz-" in "ekzemplo," don't stick out much 
> in speech. And don't forget the Polish woman's poetry. No, 
> Eo's sound isn't actually a problem, for the most part. I've 
> been told that when I sing in Eo (and I have at best an 
> average voice), the language sounds very melodic.

I haven't listened to much Esperanto.  Really only a bit here
and there, mainly  bits of podcasts.  To me it has kind of a
generic "Eastern European" sound.  Sort of a Turko-Slavic