My colleagues Prof. Bruce M Beach & Prof. Jonathan B Britten
and myself, along with over 2000 others, have just departed 
from the 15th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, held in 
Germany at the Congress Center in Essen and the University 
of Duisberg/Essen. As might be seen from the AILA 2008 website  there were a very large number of 
individual presentations and symposia. And, needless to say, 
the vast majority endorsed the multilingualist status quo. 
However, our World Language Process symposium was accepted, 
even though it cast an “oblique view” on the conference theme: 
“Multilingualism: Challenges and Opportunities”. I previously 
posted a link to our intended presentations:

Two members of our symposium were unable to attend, 
but the remaining three of us were able to fill in the allotted 
three hours. The audience was on the sparse side, numbering 
six persons, including one spouse and two people from AILA, 
but the average attendance of the many sessions I attended 
during the week (excluding the keynote presentations) was not 
much more than that - maybe about 8 or 9 - so it was hardly a 
disaster. Indeed, our audience was most interested and a Chinese 
lady professor associated with us for the rest of the week. 
(Apart from that I found the opportunity to have several 
stimulating discussions with fellow attendees - not least 
with those into “ecolinguistics”).

I have put my presentation and slide-show on to a pdf. 
Should anyone on this forum wish to see it, please email me:  
aita [at]  and I will send it to you. For reasons connected 
with a software upgrade, a new computer and a lack of time I will 
probably be unable to update my website so as to include it for 
several weeks at least.

The number of events at AILA relating to IALs apart from English 
could have been counted on one hand. Hopefully this situation will 
improve at the 16th World Congress at Beijing in 2011.

Antony Alexander