On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, James Chandler wrote:

> [much trimmed]

> For the first time on reading this I'm contemplating going back to
> Ido to do what I was not prepared to do when I left, which is to
> fight for a more liberal attitude towards the language, even if it
> means making waves in a small pond and offending some of the
> experienced Idists.  I'll definitely give it some serious thought..

James, I always considered you a thoughtful and competent and effective
proponent of Ido.  I recall when you emailed me a copy of Progresso. 
No, Ido is not perfect, but what construction of humans is perfect? 
The practically adequate, the good enough in practice, is the enemy of
the perfect, and the perfect the enemy of the good enough.  There will
never be a perfect auxlang.  One man's necessary feature is another
man's fatal flaw,, and vice versa.  All we can do is make a choice
between compromises.  I have said before that if my only choices (which
they are not) were between Esperanto and Ido, I personally would choose
Ido, but your mileage may vary.  As Mario Pei pointed a half century
ago, what is needful (although in my opinion it may not happen in this
way) is for enough people to pick some language and teach it widely to

There is no "perfect" auxlang, and there will never be.  We simply have
to choose something, warts and all, and go with it.

I am not aware of any active conIAL advocacy outside the European
(Europe, the Americas, and ANZ) language ambiance.  Certainly there may
be some activity: if there is, I just am not aware of it, and there is
little or no activity in the western internet.  Also, given the
increasing prestige and usage of IE languages, especially English
-- although in the dynamic of world history that may change! -- my own
take is that if any conIAL is likely to "take off" in the near future,
it will probably be one with an IE substrate.  Yes, we can continue to
construct Yet Many More Euroclones, but I do not anticipate that any of
them will go farther that what we already have.  That is why I consider
that the only plausible choices at this time(!) are Ido, Esperanto, and
IALA Interlingua (with Occidental a remote possibility), albeit that
events may prove me wrong.

Paul Bartlett