Cheng-Zhong Su skrev:
> I think it is not so easy to invent a new language. Even if invent a newword, for the new invention has to accord with two conditions: 1, shorter
> than original word 2, accepted by most people willingly.
> Cheng-Zhong Su
1. Words in auxiliary languages tend to be longer than the original. 
This is because the longer original is often easier to recognize than a 
possible shorter form.

2. The matter for a language being accepted by a lot of, or most, people 
is the trick.

To es un text in un ling kvel ego ha inventat. Ti ling es basat in 
occidental i interlingua. Via familiaritá in europan lings tu in 
eventual kase kapabla komprender li ling.

The above is written in my own language. It is very similar to 
Interlingua and Occidental. It would be much harder to produce all the 
words from scratch.

Kjell R
Linguorum inventor