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Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 8:13 PM
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Subject: Re: OT: Arapaho language writeup in NY Times

> hold a chicken . . . ummm, what?

I was a reference to Spitting Image's "Chicken Song" - must be a good 20/25 
years ago now, I guess (bleedin' Nora, now I feel old!).

Hold a chicken in the air
Stick a deckchair up your nose
Buy a jumbo jet
And then bury all your clothes
Paint your left knee green
Then extract your wisdom teeth
Form a string quartet
And pretend your name is Keith

Skin yourself alive
Learn to speak Arapahoe
Climb inside a dog
And behead an Eskimo
Eat a Renault Four
Wear salami in your ears
Casserole your gran
Disembowel yourself with spears