The Azurian phonology is tentative still, but I think I have brought  
it up to something that can be used in the relay. A reasonably  
comprehensive overview is here: 

My plan has been to make a synthesis of Faroese and western  
Norwegian, with an emphasis of Faroese for the phonology and on  
Norwegian for the grammar. The idea is to work out what I think  
Faroese would have developed into if it had existed on a biggish  
country in continuous contact with mainland Scandinavia. The  
phonology is very close to Faroese now, with a small number of  
exceptions. I might pull it some further away later. The writing  
system, however, is much more phonetic than either Norwegian or Faroese.

The thing that displeases me the most is the poor rendering of the  
IPA characters. I guess I'll have to go SAMPA or make a PDF.  
Doubtless there are very many other ways to make this better as well.

One wonderful insight I got while studying Faroese was finding a  
source for the velarised eth that I found in Azurian placenames. It  
turns out that this is in fact a feature of Faroese phonology, at  
least historically. I guess this, amongst other similar indications,  
can mean either that I am a prophet bringing the attention of the  
world to a parallel universe where the country of Uriania really  
exists - or that I did study Faroese historical phonology sometime in  
my youth. I cannot remember having done such a thing, but there are  
many things I cannot now remember from my youth. Youthful minds have  
an eerie way of picking up things.

Whatever the reason, fantasies do have a wonderful way of acquiring  
lives of their own, surprising their creators with insights and  
intuitions that he'd never have guessed that he'd had.