Den 15. okt. 2008 kl. 18.25 skreiv Jörg Rhiemeier:

> I also dabbled with a conworld featuring a "classic-style"
> Atlantis drowning in the mid-Atlantic when I was in my teens.
> My Atlantis was a high-tech, even starfaring, civilization
> that eventually bombed itself out of existence (however, it
> was too late to meddle with Neanderthals: I placed it about
> 10,000 BC), but left behind a few colonies in neighbouring
> planetary systems such as Tau Ceti.

Atlantis seems to be really required content in juvenile fantasies.  
My Atlantids also were interplanetary. And I traced their history  
back to more than 30,000 years BP. They definitely could have met the  
Neanderthals - and did, according to my still readily readable notes.

> Later, I scrapped that universe because I realized that it
> was way too corny and Dänikenian.

You are lucky. I still have to live with them. But today I try to  
hide away my Atlantids in the conworld I am reconstructing, somewhat  

> My juvenile Atlantean conworld did not feature such beings,
> but it is very possible that stories of giants, trolls,
> fomors and similar beings conserve memories of Neanderthal
> encounters.