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> Geoffrey scrit:
> >He really 
> does need to make his mind up
> Or does he?  Neves is clearly right in the middle of Esp
> and Ido linguistically speaking; his ping-ponging between
> the two is probably due more to social factors.  I think in
> his position I would try to take part in both movements.  Or
> is that forbidden in Esperantujo?

Not at all. In fact, that is exactly what I suggested in the post you just took issue with:

He's one of the few people who seem to do well with both, so perhaps he doesn't have to decide *between them* after all. That may be the real problem: the "just pick one" mentality.

Thus, he could use both. I then observed that he seems to consider Ido a hobby anyway, if one he's passionate about, so he could easily prioritize them if need be.