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> I tend to agree, though I admire Olivier for his heroic work 
> in putting such a language together. I personally tend to get 
> lost even when I see words like "aghyern" (I have no idea how 
> "ghy" is supposed to be pronounced). 

That's what I see too.  I like the idea of an IE language from an
artistic view, but for IAL use I see something that's far too
complex.  The phonology alone appears to be too much for practical
use by most.

> But of course, I am coming from nearly the opposite side of 
> the spectrum in terms of simplicity. To be honest, and I 
> think I've stated this before, I basically feel that perhaps 
> the only path toward the real utilization of an IAL would be 
> to have people begin to put signs up in airports, maybe with 
> some sign, in the IAL, and eventually to have people start 
> using those words in the context of a language. I think that 
> presenting an IAL as a simple proposal is probably 
> unrealistic. I think, for example, that simply saying that 
> the word "papele" is going to mean things like "paper" and 
> "passport" or "identification papers" would be a way to start. 

If I saw "papele", I might think the Pope was in town or something.