Steve scrit:

>a. Superficially, Ido hasn't much to offer, being not widespread and rarely used ("poke difuzita e rare uzata").

Steve, I think you need to join the real world.  How do you think the man in the street would describe Esperanto?  "Not widespread and rarely used" would be the most common answer you would get.  Hence my request to define the term "practical auxlang".  What this means to Joe Public and what it means to an experienced Espist are two different things.

>3. Idists are like knights errant seeking their fellows and spreading culture. They may be few in number,

How about Jedi Knights?  They were few in number but they were very cool and everyone loved them.

>So to sum up: I was expressing his views as I understand them, not necessarily my own.

Oh, I rather think you were.