Hi all,

After attending the tei conference in London I am having a play with
Saxon9 and the tei p5 xsl stylesheets version 5.14 available from
sourceforge. I can't seem to get anything at all rendered for the
facsimile element (containing a single surface and a single zone with a

I wondering if a kind soul could confirm whether these xslt stylesheets do
in fact support rendering in html the kind of tight coupling/id mapping
between <facsimile> and <text> via "facs" attribute? If so, could someone
direct me to a working sample tei.xml file with @facs usage as per Dot's
poster and an xslt customisation which renders this nicely in html?

If not, which of the graphics tools/other xslt transforms under
development would be best to provide my users with browser based access to
a collection of 300 volumes and 9000+ images? I would like to easily
configure access to a locally held copy of the best res images, and/or to
a web served version of lower res images.

I am rather new to xslt and its entirely possible my own ignorance is the
problem rather than the stylesheets. I doubt my baby step efforts are
being assisted by the joys of running java apps (saxon) under XP/Cygwin
(cygpath -w fun and games, not!).

Also, does anyone know what Saxon/xslt parameters are needed to have the
stylesheets render a teiCorpus to multiple files in the one pass with
Saxon9? I am having a deal of trouble getting Saxon's -o (output
parameter) and the xsl:param's "outputDir" and "outputName" playing nicely

Any clues much appreciated. I'm sure this will all appear "simple" once I
get an end to end workflow working (if Peter Boot is reading this, I'd
love to see some simple end-to-end examples of workflow covering this kind
of thing (text-facsimile mapping) in the forthcoming "getting started with
tei" guideline).

Thanks in advance and cheers to all,