Hi Lisa,

Sorry I didn't chime in sooner.  The TEI-to-MODS XSLT we have made  
publicly available on our wiki
is for a scholarly journal project so bear in mind that article-level  
granularity in the mapping.
It is also a little dated; Jenn Riley, our Metadata Librarian, has  
since made tweaks, but the
core of what they do is well represented by what's on our wiki now.  I  
can track down a more
current version and send them your way (as well as update our wiki).

Freezing in Indiana,

On Nov 20, 2008, at 12:06 PM, McAulay, Elizabeth wrote:

> I found that Indiana University's DLP has a TEI to MODS script and  
> it's
> documented on their wiki.
> to+MODS
> So, I think the work on that part of the circle has at least begin.  
> Let
> me know what you think of that.
> Best,
> Lisa
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>>> If not, I'm thinking of taking on a MODS (as exported out of Zotero)
>> to
>>> TEI bibl XSLT.
>> I know that this is ambitious enough. However, did you think about
>> round-trip conversions, i.e. an additional TEI to MODS script? This
>> would come in extremely handy as an add-on for bibutils
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>> Markus
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