Dear All,

I found myself involved in a project requiring stand-off TEI markup for
corpus description, with a rather tight deadline. While I managed to
sort out some of the XML/TEI-related problems that the project had, I'm
still unable to find a tool that would handle the xpointer() scheme -- I
crucially need the string-range() function to be able to use (and, first
of all, test) the token-level annotation layer for the corpus.

I've just spent the night on looking for a suitable tool or a project
that uses stand-off TEI markup (in the hope that they would share their
tools), but I wasn't successful. The XML parsers I tried (those included
in Oxygen + AltovaXML) wouldn't process string-range(), neither in the
XPointer spec examples nor in those from the TEI Guidelines.

The closest thing I got was the ANC Tool, but the ANC doesn't use
xpointer for their stand-off markup (and the markup isn't TEI). I was
also able to locate the Princeton Charrette Project (no tools that I can
see, and they would be specialized tools anyway), a mention of James
Cummings' DH2008 paper and project, and Syd Bauman's remark on this list
that perhaps nothing supports string-range() yet... I realise that there
are ways to go around the problem of addressing spans of raw text, but
these are not open for me, as the corpus architecture is now frozen.

Starting my search, I also thought of preparing a category for stand-off
tools and projects at TEI Wiki, but it doesn't look like I will be able
to populate them easily. :-/

Your help in locating stand-off-TEI tools and projects will be
gratefully appreciated and... wikified in due time, so that others can
benefit from this as well.

Thanks in advance,