Dear colleagues and friends,

although late: many thanks to the organizers of the TEI MM who did a 
fabuluous job!

During the whole meeting a certain issue came up which seems to justify
the installation of another SIG: Right now we have the <msDesc> element
to store descriptions of historical documents. With this name and the
documentation we focus much on manuscripts and leave out even
fragments, charters, not to speak about other types of books, especially 
printed books, and 3D-objects (made of something else than parchment or 

During the TEI-MS-SIG sessions (and at many other occasions) there came
up the wish to widen the content model of what is now <msDesc> in order
to incorporate these other (text bearing) objects.[2]

As other SIGs would be touched if we set up a new SIG dealing with this 
issue (at least libraries, correspondence and music) we thought it would 
be best to ask if members of the other SIGs and the general audience 
agreed on our opinion, that dealing with <msDesc> and make that starting 
point for an element for the descriotion of physical objects of all 
kinds is such a huge task that none of the other SIGs should deal with 
that alone?

If that was true, the next step would be to call to Susan Schreibmann 
(SIG responsible) to set up a new SIG.

Additionally we felt that another topic raised regularily in the 
meeting, the need to extend TEI towards semantic reference models, 
especially CIDOC CRM respectively FRBRoo, is closely connected to this. 
Whether this issue should be added to the work load of a 
SIG-to-be-established would be open to discussion.

I would be happy to see some discussion on that matter that bothers so 
many of us and maybe some raised hands in order to form such a new SIG.

Best, Torsten

[1] While addressing the needs to describe correspondence materials we
agreed upon the temporary solution to deal only with objects that
have a certain physical appearance, ignoring somewhat "immaterial"
things like emails for the time being.

[2] As names are important the discussion on "which element could be 
used for that purpose" has already started with both people in favour 
and strongly against <tboDesc> (text bearing object). Unfortunately the 
element <objectDesc> has already been invented and is in use in a much 
narrower meaning. If we consider any (text bearing) object a kind of 
"document" <docDesc> could be a starting point for further discussions.

Torsten Schassan
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