Thanks Peter, and Lou. Of course we can use the range() pointer
scheme, but then <note> could as well. Is there any purpose to
@targetEnd, above and beyond what is offered by range()? And if there
is, does it not apply to <ref> as well?

It's the inconsistency that bothers me. If @targetEnd is allowed on
<note>, why not on <ref> as well? And if we are going to say that
<ref> doesn't need @targetEnd because we can just use range(), then
why not recommend this method for <note> as well and do away with
@targetEnd altogether?


On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 8:33 PM, Lou Burnard <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Dot Porter wrote:
>> In the markup for the Confessio project, Franz Fischer and I have run
>> into an instance where it would be very useful to have @targetEnd
>> allowed on <ref>. It is allowed on <note>, and not on <ref>, although
>> it would seem that with either element one might wish to point to any
>> given string of words. In the Confessio, we have extensive notes that
>> point to large sections of text, and within those notes, references
>> pointing to smaller phrases within that section ("246,7,2-5"). Every
>> word will be marked with a unique id, and we don't want to mark those
>> smaller phrases separately (as they may overlap with one another).
>> We can have multiple targets on @target, but that is unwieldy when
>> dealing with strings of even five or more words. Allowing @targetEnd
>> on <ref> would enable us to point to just the first and last words in
>> a string.
>> I'm planning to put this in as a feature requested, but wanted to
>> bring it up on list in case there are problems with this that we've
>> overlooked.
>> Thanks,
>> Dot (and Franz)
> You could also use the range() pointer scheme, of course (see
> Something like <ref target="#range( #w21, #w45)">words 21 to 45
> inclusive</ref> I think.
> As noted already on this list, it's not clear what software's going to
> actually implement it of course, but then that applies to @targetEnd as
> well.

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