A new release of the TEI, ready and hot for the annual
TEI members meeting, is now available. To go with it,
there is a new release of the XSL stylesheets to
process the Guidelines, and a new version of Roma
which should have fixed reported bugs.

You can find it in the usual places:

  - original of everything on Sourceforge at

  - documentation etc on the web site at

  - downloadable packages on Sourceforge,

  - Debian/Ubuntu packages from

Note that the Roma at
is not quite done yet, should be available very soon.
In the meantime,
continues to provide a testing version.

  - Ubuntu 8.10 customized Live CD image at

If you come to the meeting in London, I'll have
about 50 copies of this burned to CD for you to take
home. As an added bonus, it contains the first
tentative release of a new desktop Roma compiler,
capable of making schemas or documentation from ODD spec
without needing web access. Oh yes, and it'll even make
a Word 2007 version of your documentation if you want.

Below are the release notes which summarize the changes since
the June 2008 release.

The next release will be in January 2009.

       This is a maintenance release, implementing minor changes
       agreed by the TEI Council between May and September 2008, in
       response to a number of suggestions and bug reports received at
       the TEI Sourceforge request tracker.

Details of specific changes made are available at the Sourceforge tickets
indicated below:

  * Included Korean translations of descriptions
  * Corrected error in NH (1933242 )
  * Several changes improving flexibility of use of the
<msDesc> element, in particular to enhance usability for description of
incunabula as well as manuscripts: 2032853, 2032879 2055116 2032853 2055122
  * Several improvements in formatting for PDF version, including
addition of copyright statement. (2144725, 2144681)
  * Added several elements to att.typed class rather than allowing
them to declare @type locally (1848442 1970880 2100015)
  * Changed wording for descriptions of <desc> (2055880) and
<title> (2138273)
  * Expanded content model of <w> element (2055820)
  * Clarified and exemplified use of @period attribute
  * Changed <egXML> so that its content references a
new macro <ident>anyXML</ident>; this has the side effect that DTD
language cannot be used (2021933).
  * Introduced new class <ident>att.canonical</ident> to support all 
kinds of
canonical name referencing (1852101 1977702)
  * Changed content model for <monogr> to permit <gi>idno</gi>
  * Made consistent usage of @extent as alternative to other more
precise attributes inherited from <ident>att.dimensions</ident> (1925125)
  * Merged in French translations for <remarks> components of
all element specifications, completed Chinese translations of
descriptions, and added Korean translations
  * Redefined  <titleStmt> content model to use classes, and
define new class members (2157693)
  * Made use of @type on att.segLike elements  more consistent

Sebastian Rahtz
Information Manager, Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN. Phone +44 1865 283431