Dear all,

On behalf of a colleague who is exploring a new project possibility, I'd 
like to conduct a quick survey on the recording and exploitation of 
metrical tagging in TEI. Two questions therefore:

1) What sorts of implementations have you or projects you know about 
developed to make use of the metrical data encoded in your TEI texts? 
Can you perform metrical searching? Perform stress-aware text-to-speech? 
Etc.? What do you use your tagged metre for?

2) Has anyone developed a tool or a script to interpret verse texts and 
automagically tag the metre (with any degree of probability)? I expect 
this would be relatively easy for Ancient Greek, a lot harder for 
English. Does anyone have experience with work of this kind?

Many thanks in advance,


Dr Gabriel BODARD
(Epigrapher & Digital Classicist)

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