On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 10:28:03AM +0100, Torsten Schassan wrote:
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> Dear Arianna,
> >> Additionally we felt that another topic raised regularily in the
> >> meeting, the need to extend TEI towards semantic reference models,
> >> especially CIDOC CRM respectively FRBRoo, is closely connected to this.
> >> Whether this issue should be added to the work load of a
> >> SIG-to-be-established would be open to discussion.
> > 
> > The SIG ontologies is working on the former (mapping TEI to CIDOC-CRM
> > and viceversa and providing recommendations on how to integrate the
> > two). FRBR was also a possible focus of this SIG, but I don't know
> > whether it is realistic to deal with that at this stage.
> yes you are right, this would be heavy workload. But still, if we want
> to integrate information about printed books we will immediately face
> the problems of defining which FRBR entity we are adressing. Thus I
> thought it would be helpful to consider this from the start.

I think that in this case, a cooperation between SIGs may be the best
way forward. As Christian-Emil said, we have results from the work in
the Ontologies SIG as well as in the CIDOC-FRBR cooperation that will
give any work towards closer connection between TEI and FRBR a flying

We in the Ontologies SIG is very grateful for anybody working in the
same direction as us :-)


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