Ahoi Gabby,

 > 1) What sorts of implementations have you or projects you know about
 > developed to make use of the metrical data encoded in your TEI texts?
 > Can you perform metrical searching? Perform stress-aware text-to-speech?
 > Etc.? What do you use your tagged metre for?

For german verse text please visit our homepage or 
click directly to the following link to see an example:


You can switch between all expressions and the metrical markup.

You can also search for meters and rhymes. Please preselect 
"Metrisierung" and use the terminology from the example (x=stressed 
syllable, u=unstressed syllable) after clicking this:


 > 2) Has anyone developed a tool or a script to interpret verse texts and
 > automagically tag the metre (with any degree of probability)? I expect
 > this would be relatively easy for Ancient Greek, a lot harder for
 > English. Does anyone have experience with work of this kind?

I do for german verse text. The results are quite good (98,5% well 
detected syllables), and are getting to 100% in texts without foreign 

There is no "program" which I could send you yet, but if you have access 
to the Word Perfect office I can give you an instruction and a set of 
macros. Some clicks and copy & paste actions will be necessary to get a 
result. Otherwhise you have to wait some months, we will publish an 
online version here:


An offline version of the so called "metricalizer" is released, but it 
is only able to detect stable meters (like +--+--+--/+--+--+ but not 

But believe Pablo Gervás (who did something eqal for spanish verse 
text). He wrote me half a year ago: "I always thought German would be 
possible (English, in contrast is probably much more difficult)".

Klemens (+ -)

Gabriel Bodard wrote:

> Dear all,
> On behalf of a colleague who is exploring a new project possibility, I'd 
> like to conduct a quick survey on the recording and exploitation of 
> metrical tagging in TEI. Two questions therefore:


> Many thanks in advance,
> Gabby


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